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Würth E5 Pro S - Sanitary Silicone Acetate (White)

Würth E5 Pro S - Sanitary Silicone Acetate (White)

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Key Features

  • Resistant to ageing, weather, and UV.
  • Paint-compatible, test before use.
  • For connecting, expansion, and sealing joints indoors and outdoors, such as wall or ground connections.
  • Suitable for sanitary glazing and applications, and for cold climates.
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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

For connection, expansion, and sealing joints indoors and outdoors, e.g. wall or floor connections.

Also suitable for glazing and sanitary applications.

Suitable for cold climates.



310 ml

Chemical basis





0.98 g/cm³ / at 23°C, 50% relative humidity

Continuous motion absorption

25 %

Shore A hardness


Min./max. processing temperature

5 to 40 °C

Min./max. temperature resistance

-40 to 100 °C

Min. skin-formation time

20 min

Conditions for skin-formation time

at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Min. breaking elongation

250 %

Fungicidal properties



Application Instructions

The surface to which the product is applied must be clean, dry, and suitable for the intended load.

Use correct joint dimensions, see the Technical Information Sheet.

Pre-fill joints with PE Backfill Material.

Apply primer to absorbent surfaces.

Smooth with sealant smoother, before a skin forms.