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Malco Leather and Plastic Interior Cleaner

Malco Leather and Plastic Interior Cleaner

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Key Features

  • Special penetrating formula removes oil, dirt, and grime down to the pores.
  • Body shop safe.
  • Clean, film-free finish.
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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

Keeping your leather interiors clean can be a challenge. Grease, grime, color transfer and stains build up over time to make cleaning even more overwhelming. Luckily, we have just the product to remove all these imperfections and make your leather look brand new.

Leather & Plastic Cleaner was the first automotive detailing product that we developed. It's also our most powerful interior cleaner. Its special formula penetrates down into the pores of the dirtiest surfaces, leaving them clean and film-free. It doesn't leave behind any kind of dressing or shine, making it perfect for restoring a clean, natural look. Leather & Plastic Cleaner is body shop safe and can be used on leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces.

Leather and Plastic Cleaner is the perfect solution for getting rid of the toughest, grease, grime, and dirt. In just minutes, years of sweat and color transfer can be easily removed from your interior surfaces. Cleaning leather, plastic and vinyl has never been easier.


Application Instructions

Test product. This is a powerful cleaner and should always be tested in an inconspicuous area for colour-fastness. If colour changes, discontinue use immediately.

Application is simple. Spray the product onto a cloth or applicator and wipe onto the desired surface. Then work the product thoroughly in. Do not spray leather and plastic directly on the surface you intend to clean.

Once the area is clean, dry the surface with a fresh cloth to remove excess cleaner and reveal a surface that looks new again.