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Farecla G6 Paste Compound

Farecla G6 Paste Compound

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Key Features

  • Permanent Finish Removes P1500 abrasive marks quickly and easily with no fillers.
  • Silicone Free Can be used in body shops and applied nearby to where paints are used.
  • High Gloss System Can be used with G10 Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss finish.


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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

G6 Rapid Grade Paste Compound is for use on
OEM, Renish Medium Solids and Air Dried 2k
paint systems (well cured)



Cream-coloured paste.


High viscosity.

VOC Content

11.2% of total product.

Relative Density




Paint Type Compliance

MS and HS

Application Instructions

Machine Application

Soak compounding head.

Attach pad to the polishing machine, spin off excess water and knead.

Shake bottle or mix compound well, and apply to pad or surface.

Spread and compound at 1500 - 1800rpm.

Wipe clean.

Hand Application

Soak and rinse out finishing cloth.

Shake bottle or mix compound well and apply to cloth or surface.

Rub product on the surface in a back and forth motion.

Wipe clean with cloth.