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CRC Kontakt 60

CRC Kontakt 60

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Key Features

  • Dissolves oxides on contacts, ready to be rinsed away.
  • Metals, graphite, carbon-based materials, thermoplastics, thermoset resins, insulators, and other materials are not affected.
  • A dielectric substance, which does not facilitate leakage current.
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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

CRC Contact Cleaner

The CRC KONTAKT 60 200ml is a contact cleaning oil used to restore corroded electrical contacts. In addition to the corrosion-dissolving components, the spray contains a solvent mixture that removes greasy or resinous residues. It is important to know that the problems with electrical contacts are caused not just by corrosion but also, by polluting gases that form coatings of low electrical conductivity on the contact surfaces.

Features and Benefits

In aerosol form, it is particularly suitable for service applicationsIt can be dispensed economically and accuratelyDissolves dirt and corrosion


Electrical contacts




DIN 53 170


Flash Point

< 0°C

Density at 20 °C

0.774 g/cm³


Red Transparent

Evapouration Rate


Package Size


Package Type


Application Instructions

The easiest way to apply KONTAKT CHEMIE Kontakt 60 is to use the aerosol. A few
droplets for each pair of contacts is generally sufficient.

The cleaning and oxide-dissolving action can be improved by mechanical support. If
switching or connector contacts are readily accessible, they can be carefully wiped, for
example, using cellulose, leather or cotton swabs.

If it is impossible to provide mechanical support, allow KONTAKT CHEMIE Kontakt 60 some
10 to 15 minutes to penetrate. Optimum results are obtained, if dissolved dirt and corrosion
products are then rinsed off with KONTAKT CHEMIE Kontakt WL. After that, KONTAKT
CHEMIE Kontakt 61 is applied as a protective film.

KONTAKT CHEMIE Kontakt 60 works in many cases even without after-treatment. However
this increases the risk that corrosion damage will appear again after a short time. Contacts of
fairly large plug connectors and robust relays can also be sprayed with KONTAKT CHEMIE
Kontakt 40 to give them protection from corrosion. If you are certain that a contact is
malfunctioning only because of contamination, resinification etc. and not due to corrosion,