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CRC Gasket Remover Pro

CRC Gasket Remover Pro

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Key Features

  • Blend of powerful solvents, formulated for a fast removal of gasket cement, adhesives, and sealants.
  • High penetration.
  • No acids or alkalis.
  • Does not attack metal surfaces,
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Product Information

Detailed Product Information

Blend of powerful solvents, formulated for a fast removal of gasket cement, adhesives and sealants.


• Highly effective and specifically formulated for sealing and baked-on adhesives

• Easy removal of filling adhesives, binders and sealants

• High penetration • No acids or alkalis


• Fast and gentle removal without scratching the surface

• Sticks to vertical surfaces

• Does not attack metal surfaces



Viscous, opaque liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20°C


Boiling Range (Solvents)


Freezing Point

< -20°C

Flash Point (Closed Cup)

< -0°C


700-1500 mPa.s (thixotropic)

Kauri-Butanol Value (Solvents)

> 120

Vapour Density (Solvents, vs. air = 1)

> 2

Application Instructions

Mask painted surfaces from over spray. Wear eye protection and non-porous gloves.

Shake well or stir before application and apply a thick film on the area to be treated.

Allow product to work for 10-20 minutes. Remove residues with a rag, stiff bristled brush, or putty knife. Repeat as necessary.

Clean treated surface with a solvent cleaner to remove waxy product film.

Test before use on plastics or rubber. Do not use on energized equipment.