Child Rear Bicycle Seat - Tiger Standard (White/Turquoise)Child Rear Bicycle Seat - Tiger Standard (White/Turquoise)
Child Rear Bicycle Seat - Tiger Standard (White/Turquoise)

Child Rear Bicycle Seat - Tiger Standard (White/Turquoise)


by Bellelli


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Bellelli Tiger is approved rear bike seat  complying with the European Regulation EN 14344, certified for children weighing up to 22 kg / 48.5 lbs.

Bellelli Tiger includes cutting-edge safety and comfort features, like height-adjustable ergonomic backrest, integrated helmet slot, five-point height-length-depth adjustable safety belts to mention just a few.

Bellelli Tiger is resistant, safe, comfortable, versatile, complete and stylish.

  • Made in Italy of 100% certified non-toxic plastics

  • Height adjusting backrest to accommodate child's growth

  • Lightweight, resistant and washable

  • Integrated helmet slot and ergonomic backrest

  • Childproof, parent-friendly safety buckle with two depth settings in the centre of the seat. Only one hand needed to fasten and release

  • Broad footrest height settings - 4 positions

  • Five-point height/length/depth-adjustable safety belt

  • High sideboards an wide footrests to completely contain child

  • Soft, removable and washable padding

  • Easy to install anchoring system provided with seat.

Bellelli Tiger can be used  with three different mounting systems:

  1. on  the bike frame (Tiger Standard)

  2. reclining (10 °) (Tiger Relax)

  3. on bike carrier (Tiger Clamp)

Also available in Hi Viz version.

1. Height-adjustable backrest (8 cm - 3.1”) to accommodate child’s growth.

2. Non-toxic certifi ed plastic frame, lightweight, resistant and washable.

3. Ergonomic angle for the child`s neck support and wide helmet slot.

4. Soft washable cushion attached with clips.

5. Childproof, parent-friendly safety buckle, with two depth settings in the center of the seat. Only one hand is needed to fasten and release it.

6. Broad footrests height settings range: 15 cm – 5.9” (13 positions).

7. Five-point height/length/depth-adjustable harness. Two shoulders height slots.

8.Comfortable, spacious seat area

9. High sideboards to increase child support and containment.

10. Ample legs/feet side protection to avoid any contacts with wheel spokes.

Available Mounts: